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  • SK (Tuesday, May 10 16 05:28 pm EDT)

    We just had some repairs done to the overhead door in our department. The job was done properly and I have no complaints. I want to add that Bill, the tech doing the work, was the most personable guy
    that has ever been out here. He was nice, he answered all of my questions, and he really wanted to make sure I was not only satisfied, but that I was completely happy with the work performed. The
    last company we used, was as far from that as you can get. I am completely impressed with not only the work performed, but the attitude of the guy doing the work. You guys really knocked it out of
    the park. Too many people send complaints in, and not enough give compliments when they are due. One is due here. Thanks again for the work and for Bill. I will have you guys work on all of our stuff
    from now on, as well as my home needs.